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She is a huge inspiration to me and a brilliant writer. The Astro Twins have taught me so much , and I love reading their horoscopes. That is a whole other conversation! Our generation was born to rebel, create and transform. Astrology has always been considered taboo for many, and today, huge celebrities like Khloe Kardashian are even going as far as incorporating Astrology into their brand. That in itself is huge. We are the charmed ones. Your natal chart is a map of your soul, and what I love the most about Astrology is discovering the unique energies that live in every single chart.

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Aries and Pisces: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

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Daily Horoscope Get your free horoscope readings emailed daily. Choose Your Sign. Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May Gemini May 21 - June Cancer June 21 - July Aries usually have a collection of stories about being taken advantage of, backstabbed or let down.

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Sometimes, just buying the essentials can feel like treating him or herself — Aries' tend to stick with the bare minimum. But, the ambitions can be a personal health hazard. The bigger the ambition, the further the goal is from the present. Also, we can be impatient, impulsive and moody. Hey, there's a reason we're a fire sign.

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Whether you're looking for a romantic interest or a reliable friend to add value to your life, look no further than someone born in the cycle of Aries. By Ali Shearer.

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Here are 10 reasons why you need an Aries in your life: 1. Aries are adventurous.

We radiate positivity. Aries are loyal.