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It is easier to do if the time range is small. And, I am very skeptical of those persons who claim to be able to do so, especially if they have no ability to predict. Some people will do anything for money. So if you are comfortable with what I have said above and realize that even though we will try our best we cannot guarantee that we will get the correct time of birth then request to have your birth time rectified. Client comments. I want to have my chart Rectified.

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A Noval Method of Birth Time Rectification: Analysis through divisional charts

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The planet can effectively hide the Angle. In rectification, we ignore all passing aspects to natal planets because we are only interested in locating the unknown, time-sensitive points: the Angles themselves. But if her true Ascendent happens to fall in 5 degrees of a Cardinal sign, then those aspects to her Sun would be effectively hiding it! How do we sort that one out? Well, we know that her Ascendent and Midheaven are somewhere, and that they are likely to be implicated in major life-events for her.

Our confusion becomes useful information, in other words. If nothing is working, probably the Angles are hiding. That little insight will save you a lot of headaches. Go a little further. We give her a 12 Aries Midheaven, and then the Ascendent happens to fall in 5 Cancer, conjunct her Sun. Way back in the first paragraph of this article, I rhapsodized about the incredible helpfulness of even a vague hint as to the time of birth.

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Wring the client for anything and everything in that department. The right chart is going to be in between those extremes. Your assumption is that it must correspond to either the Horizon or the Meridian axes of the chart. Between AM and AM on that day, there was probably only one possibility for a Fixed sign on the Midheaven—say, arbitrarily, Leo. There was also only one possibility for a Fixed sign on the Ascendent—say Scorpio. One of those is probably your answer…but which one? Is it 10 Scorpio rising? Or is it 10 Leo on the Midheaven? It could be either, and those are two different charts.

It will dictate a specific Ascendent, depending on the latitude of the birthplace. If it does, get out the champagne. It too will dictate only one possible Midheaven—is that a hot spot? Read on. By the way, we made this example a little easier than some real-world situations in that we assumed we knew something about the time of birth—that it occurred during the wee hours. That represents a lot more possibilities, which makes it a lot more challenging in practice.

The techniques remain the same, though. Gradually, the erroneous charts are eliminated and the truth emerges. You sometimes get into confusions generated by polarities—is that 10 Taurus or 10 Scorpio on the Ascendent? Deeper astrological experience reminds us that Pluto in the First house can effectively masquerade as Scorpio rising. Venus conjunct the Ascendent can be mistaken for Libra rising.

And mature common sense tells us that neurotic insecurity and a controlling, materialistic early family life can correlate with tremendous career drive, even with nothing in the Tenth House.

Chart Rectification

But transits, arcs, and progressions to Angles never lie. Or almost never lie. In one situation, transits, and especially arcs and progressions, can lie to you with great authority, and that is when you are working with events that are closely spaced in time. Because in five years, none of the progressions or arcs will have moved very far. Of course everything is clustered—nothing had enough time to move anywhere!!! I generally ask my clients to give me around ten dates, none of them closer than two years to any other. I encourage them to include events from their childhoods, if possible—big family moves, parental divorce, births of siblings, and so on.

That spreads it out. Under age five or ten, the process would be quite dubious. Sometimes a rectification just falls neatly into place. Failing that, then the next step is to go back to the client and get another set of dates. The odds are long against that, but it does happen. Nothing for it except a fresh start with a new set of events.

Many times, despite your admonitions, a client will have given you a longer list of events than you requested, or one that you had to weed out because of too many closely-spaced events. In that case, work with the unexplored events—but, if you are using those closely-spaced events, make it a fresh start! At this point, common sense and astrological experience can legitimately enter the equations.

Does the person have that penetrating intensity we associate with Scorpio?

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Does his or her professional life corroborate that presumed Leo Midheaven? What about the placement of planets in Houses? Which arrangement best fits existential, observed reality? An accurate birth time leads to accurate predictions. In other words, if the birth time is off by even a few minutes then still there is a huge probability for error.

Parameters that complicate astrology. Parameters that complicate astrology — 2. Parameters that complicate astrology — 3. Parameters that complicate astrology — 4. Certainly, the time will be off in the D60 chart.

Astrology: Birth Chart Rectification using Transits and Progressions

Therefore, the important cusps or lagna ascendant of the person will not line up. So clearly the D60 chart will be off, enough to cause erroneous predictions. Astrology can only get accurate if the birth time is accurate. It is roughly estimated that this happens on the day of pregnancy.

So there is a lot of confusion in the astrology community related to which is the correct birth time. So far there is no clear agreement. All of them seem strong points to take into account for deciding the birth time. Also like I mentioned above, there is also the time when the soul actually enters the body of the baby.

Birth Time Rectification

That is another time to keep in mind. When astrology reaches this level of perfection, then we can say it is resurrected completely. It will happen in the higher yugas cycles of time. The only way to confirm which is the correct birth time is using the events of life and rectifying it.

Birth time rectification using Varga Charts in a horoscope

In the case of twins, rectification is a must unless and until the parents were standing there and recorded the birth time accurately using a stopwatch. Rectification is also recommended for people who want accurate predictions to the day of the event. In order to arrive at the right time of birth, I will need many important past events of your life to the exact date refer to this link for more information on this topic — consultation form.

A human being in his entire life will have about events. But not all of that will impact them significantly. We would need significant events to rectify the chart, those events that had a huge impact on their being and consciousness. In addition, I would require your photograph. At my current skill set, the best chart I have rectified is when the birth time was somewhere within the hour window. The client had no clue of the time of birth and only knew that it was day birth.