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Pluto conjunct Scheat: This position causes the person to have a self-destructive attitude. This is similar to Mercury conjunct Mars at this point but the self-destructive tendencies are much greater in that they force others to dislike them. They carry out their own self-undoing through various means, like cutting themselves purposely; they burn themselves or commit suicide by jumping in front of a car or train. By doing these things, they feel they are hurting another individual in their life. They have a sever martyr complex to the point of self destruction. This is an emotional disorder in that they feel they are harming others by harming themselves.

No help can be given these natives as they have set out to do these things in their incarnation. This configuration will occur again when the next age is on the scene. It will not be as powerful that time as it has been in this age.

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There will be incarnations by those from this age who have chosen this configuration to experience these things; however, in the next age, others will simply ignore these self-destructive tendencies. In the coming Age of Aquarius, if they wish to injure or destroy themselves, others will pay little attention. The elevation of the minds of people in this new age will allow them to pay scant attention to those who wish to destroy themselves. They would feel that it would be better to rid themselves of such a person rather than become emotional over the self-inflicted injuries or destruction they have brought upon themselves.

The mythology says Scheat is connected to misfortune and water and the air. I will just focus on events related to storms and water, and the air specifically planes, not spaceships. One more link I found was with industrial disputes. On September 18 , the Great Miami Hurricane killed over people and left 50, homeless.

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There were no aspects to Uranus as there will be this year. The last time Saturn was on Scheat, a ferry sank of Haiti on 01 April killing over people. On 10 May , two pilots parachuted to safety after their planes collided mid-air at Langley Field, Virginia.

Over 1. Fixed stars evolve through time. Like us and our planet, their basic nature stays the same but they are constantly changing.

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As we evolve, the energy of the fixed stars, and even the planets finds new ways of expression. Just as technology is effected, so is our consciousness.

We will find newer, higher manifestations of even the most dreaded of fixed stars, including nasties like Scheat and Algol. Robson, , p. I am respecting his wishes to make up with his kids, whom he feels guilty about. Cray cray. Wow Lisa, thanks so much for sharing something so personal. This sure supports the use of fixed stars in relationships charts too. I hope things turn out OK for you through all this.

I almost drowned a couple of times when I was a kid, before I learnt how to swim and also had many accidents! Broken wrist twice, may sprains to my wrist, sprained ankles, many scrapes on the knees and elbows! I think that the effects of this star were more prominent in my childhood in regards to accidents. One lad was trying to run in front of a car and another was my friend. I brought the lad home with me and gave him some dinner, then he was off on his way and I had to convince my friend not to, because of the detrimental effect it would have on her kids. I also had to stop her from poisoning her partners mother.

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Oh and I witnessed a family member threatening to commit suicide years ago when I was a child , which I found very distressing. This is often the case, not only with this star but also Algol, probably some others too. The violence or misfortune can manifest in those around you. It is still part of your life and you are deeply affected by it. You can also evolve just like the fixed stars evolve, to a higher spiritual manifestation.

A lot of misfortune. But I started to evolve quite a bit around 21 when I started travelling. I had time to think and reflect on events in my life from when I got into unfortunate situations relationships etc in the first place.

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Maybe the misfortune of this star could also be karma too? But then my birthday is a karmic reward number. Going off track a bit, but I think that maybe sometimes we have to receive karma from the stars, planets and numerology numbers. This might be a karmic placement and if so Mars would relate to past life violence which is a tricky area. War is usually kill or be killed. Then there are mercy killings and the other person may not realize you are being kind at that moment. All truth will be revealed. I have a Scheat conjunction with Mercury and the bit about the left foot and lungs is spot on.

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Very odd, reading that. Ditto, Leelo. Also oddly, I had to stop smoking against my will in late December cigs just tasted vile. The prospect of smoking still makes me shudder. But I shall be doing those teas. I bought a bit of ginger root not long ago. Again odd. All the best. Jamie, what would you say natal Chiron conjunct Scheat means? Yesterday on 19 march, i had a birthday. So, my sun is in And so….

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Sextil saturn, moon and mars,square jupiter and trine neptune. So much aspects with my sun…. Happy birthday, Mimi! But it is being squared by transiting Saturn, which is opposite my natal Ascendant square Sun. And transiting Pluto is conjunct my Moon. I have this star on my Descendant.