January 23 leo astrology

You may feel more energized when it comes to working hard for what you want, and what you strive to accomplish can produce for you good outcomes. Your charm and skills at being there for people you love may come across as excessive. If you notice your loved one asking for space, it's not you, it's just time to grow. Spend time doing things that connect your soul with nature, and don't forget to take time to rest.

Leos love to run in a pack but they also like to enjoy the jungle on their own. Virgo, it's been a good month for Virgo, and now with Mercury and Mars in your sign, you may be feeling a bit controlling and wanting things to be more in order than usual. This side of you could be tough to live with for your partner, instead, switch gears to the side of you that asks: "how can I help? Your ability to give praise and support will go a long way today. All you need to do is open and say what you have on your heart and mind.

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Libra, your desire to listen and encourage others may take a back seat to your desire to spend time alone tuning into your own voice. A part of you might be more drawn to allow others to take the lead and do their thing as you watch. You are able to focus more on home today, and if you're caring for others at this time, you might feel like nesting more than usual as well.

Scorpio, too much strong energy and you're ready to check out. Your relationship may have to wait as you get some 'Me time' doing what you need to do to feel rested and ready for love. Your personal needs involve pampering and even shopping for something to make you feel like you've rewarded yourself for the week. Set clear boundaries as you return to hang out with your partner so that you don't get your energy drained too quickly. Sagittarius, your energy and desires rise today, and it may translate in sexual wants that you need to express. Rather than feel neglected, look at areas of your own life that you enjoy doing when alone.

Use this time to get organized and work on projects so that you're ready for when things get busier again. Capricorn, your sense ov humor may come across a bit dry today as Virgo energy doesn't encourage joking. Straight forward statements are the way to go, although this can put a damper on your need to be free and easy going. Jupiter is the planet of growth, and Neptune is the planet of fantasy and delusion, so you see what can go badly here!

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I would suggest that you do your best to stay grounded, but I think everyone will have a hard time not getting swept off their feet by whatever whimsy comes our way. This is an especially dreamy time for you in romance! So enjoy, and remember that things are especially fantastical and not so realistic right now. Empathy flows as Mercury connects with Neptune on January 14, and social connections abound when Venus connects with Mars on January Mercury meets Pluto on January 18, bringing a very intense conversation your way—this is actually a fab time to do some research or even some investigative work!

The sun enters Aquarius on January 20, shining its spotlight on the partnership sector of your chart—exciting!

Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 23rd September 2019

A lunar eclipse and super moon! This is so major, Leo.

Planetary Row

Secrets are exposed during eclipses, so you are sure to learn new information that will change how you look at the world—and how you present yourself to the world, too. Eclipses are exhausting and emotional, but their greater purpose is to put us on the path that is right for us, so keep this in mind when things feel difficult. Mars squares Saturn on January 21, and you confront blocks at work and in your itinerary. But Venus meets Jupiter on January 22, bringing you plenty of luck, fun, and romance!

You have tremendous power to call abundance and prosperity to yourself without worry that someone has more than you do.

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Libra, you may feel a bit topsy turvy today in every area of your life where you've been in control and done well. Instead of worry, count your blessings. Abundant thinking will get you through the day. There are situations that are out of one's control, but thankfully time allows us to distance ourselves when the moment is right. You can still claim your fate even after a difficult situation. Just choose to do so.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio, sometimes knowing too much can be a burden. If you've become aware of a problem, but not sure how to fix things, try not to worry. Spend time reflecting on how far you have come. Don't forget your strong points and use these to your advantage today. You have worked hard for the things that you have, and for good reason, you want to maintain power over your personal posessions and space. Routines are intended to help you get to where you want to go, but not hold you back from who you're meant to be.

Capricorn, resistance may be high today and you find yourself doing a lot of communicating with others. You have an opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions but someone who needs to know you will hear them out to rebuild trust. Watch out for misinterpretation. Don't be quick to judge.

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Aquarius, believe in yourself even if you're not feeling as pretty or desirable as you usually do. Give yourself grace if you've been hard on yourself. The energy of the day may have you feeling drawn towards the outdoors. Connect with nature to give you the peace you're needing. Use the power of your thoughts to open the door to actions that enlighten your mind.