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Although relatively small for both groups, the combination turned up less frequently among couples whose marriages ended in divorce. The percentage of couples with the Sun-Moon and Mars-Venus ties was almost twice as high for the control group, which represents the population as a whole. You must be logged in to post a comment. American Federation of Astrologers. Association for Astrological Networking.

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Glossary of Major Astrological Bodies and Points

Having affection for humans, he sided with them against the gods, primarily Zeus. Prometheus stole a spark of fire and gave this wondrous gift to man, enabling humans to keep warm, cook, forge tools, be independent. In a fit of rage, Zeus doomed Prometheus to eternal punishment by chaining him to the Caucasus Mountains and sending a hawk to eat out his liver each day which in turn, regenerated each night.

His punishment ended when Hercules found him chained while searching the ends of the earth for the tree of golden apples the 11th of his 12 labors. In exchange for the location of the tree, Hercules agreed to help him, speaking to the gods on his behalf which led to the end of torment for two. Chiron, the immortal centaur, teacher, herbalist carried a painful wound accidentally given by Hercules which would not heal. This asteroid points to tricky maneuvers and yes, thieving that which is cherished.

It has a bit of Robin Hood flavor, being that fire was taken from the haves and given to the have nots. Prometheus in that ahem light can also indicate where you rescue others by virtue of your gifts. Pandora indicates where you think on your feet to deal with unforeseen circumstances — it is a point of exploration into the unknown, where you get more than you bargained for.

Pandora is also a point of hope and faith that life will work itself out for the best with the right altitude.

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Necessity is the mother of invention — Pandora will lead you to your latent creative talents. So I decided to let the cosmos speak through divination. Brigid is the goddess of fire and forge — her vessel is the cauldron, her flame burns in Kildare, a sacred tree of the druids, an Oak Tree. She is a goddess of water, healing, midwifery, keeper of sacred wells. Brigid is a triple goddess — union between opposites — growth, and the power of three. She is the goddess of poetry, inspiring oral traditions, songs and tales.

Brigid, patron saint of Students, was born in tumultuous times when Christianity was gaining a foothold in Ireland — she helped to marry the Celtic and Christian worlds, she developed a scriptorium to distribute books, particularly The Book of Kildare, said to rival the Book of Kells. The weaving of worlds is apparent in the artwork. Freya is asteroid 76, she can currently be found at 11 degrees Cancer — the sign of the Great Mother.

Very cool. She opposes 12 degree Pluto Rx in Capricorn, signaling a juggling of energies — between metamorphic renovation of old school ideology on Earth Capricorn and shared passion for protecting beauty and harmony via fair and loving partnership. Freya squares Mars Libra — actions being taken in honor of partnerships, contracts and bonds leading to responsible active stewardship of our Mother, Gaia. Freya squares Uranus at 16 Aries which opposes Mars — demanding intelligent methods of moving forward that also nurture that which is precious — LIFE.

Freya appears on The Lovers card, signaling choice. She choose the fallen ones who would be received in Valhalla at the table of Odin. In Greek mythology, Apollo Apollon is the god of divine light who drove the sun across the sky in a chariot. Apollo is also god of prophecy and oracles, song and poetry, music, healing, archery, and the protection of the young.

The secrets of asteroid Minerva and its two moons | credvorwayknotrud.tk

He is usually pictured with a wreath and branch of laurel; bow and quiver; raven; and lyre. Asteroid Pythia — This asteroid discovered Long distance communication, moral codes and higher philosophy is most definitely the name of the game with this asteroid.

Asteroid Apollo — This asteroid discovered 4. Solid creative exuberance lead by an impulsive child-like curiosity. Cancer Pluto squares all that Aries, while Jupiter trines it — explosive impulses lead the way to whammy emotional transformation — via women, the public, the masses; Jupiter has faith enough to try again. Asteroid Apollo indicates a place where reckless mistakes are made over and over with wild abandon — mistakes which lead to metamorphic emotional enlightenment.

Asteroid Delphine — This asteroid discovered 9. Power to the Women — Right On! This indicates travelers incoming to both participate in public athletic events and receive divine guidance that brings harmonious outcomes. Look to asteroid Pompeii to see how you deal with completely unexpected circumstances that blow your mind and your world inside out.

I guarantee you having Pompeii on Uranus is a wild ride. Themis, the daughter of Gaia and Ouranus, is the oracular voice of the Earth. She is the goddess of Divine Law and Justice — a seer who presided over the most ancient oracles, including the Delphic oracle. She is usually pictured blindfolded to represent her impartiality.

Themis judged whether the dead went to Tartarus hell or the Elysian Fields paradise. Themis is asteroid 24, discovered Look to your natal Themis to see where you embody divine law, justice and impartiality. Asteroid Inari Inari is the offspring of the impetuous storm god, Susanoo.

Asteroid Valentine 447 // Pure, Undying Love // Asteroid Astrology

Inari is protector of rice cultivation, who furthers prosperity and is worshiped particularly by merchants and tradesmen. Inari is patron deity of swordsmiths and is associated with brothels and entertainers. Forneus teaches the knowledge and understanding of languages and tongues, the art of rhetoric. Being a worthy and honest opponent leads to a good reputation, makes one beloved by foes as well as friends.

His totem beast is a sea monster, signifying deep knowledge and understanding of the subconscious, including the shadow side — the faults we prefer to disregard, but which trip us up when ignored. Achilles, the demigod half god, half human , son of Nereid sea nymph Thesis, and Peleus, the king of Myrmidons — was the greatest warrior of the army of Agamemnon in the Trojan War. The Achilles tendon is the thickest and most powerful tendon in the body. If the tendon is cut, use of the leg for running or jumping is lost. This I have discovered, is where I have more, extra special, Saturn satan?!

Fate is divinely preordained, fixed.

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Destiny, we have the power to shape. Love the one word answer to the?

I share it here, with a link. In contrast to the Greek concept of fate, in ancient Germanic beliefs, all beings who are subject to destiny have some degree of agency in shaping their own destiny and the destinies of others — this is the dew that falls back into the well from the branches of the tree, accordingly reshaping the past and its influence upon the present.

All beings do this passively; those who practice magick do it actively. There is no absolutely free will, just as there is no absolutely unalterable fate; instead, life is lived somewhere between these two extremes. Instructions to see your chart here. Choose extended, pop in additional at the very bottom for asteroids. I have written loads of Gaia posts click here for more.

Erda is the norse goddess of the Earth. The well is a holy place where the Aesir Asgardian Gods often gathered.

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Growing from the well, Yggdrasil stands at the center of the cosmos and holds the Nine Worlds — humans, gods, and all other beings live in its branches and roots. The goddess Erda waters it from the well of her wisdom. We live on Midgard fourth world , aka Middle Earth. Yggdrasil dwells within the heart of everything — micro and macroworlds. Erda is the Great Mother, the single living organism supporting all beings on our planet. She breathes life, has heart, soul, grows and changes like humans — only at a much slower vibration. The name Earth originates from the 8th century anglo-Saxon word: erda which meansground or soil.

Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not derived from greco-roman mythology. Cool, yeah? Asteroids Erda and Gaea obviously represent your connection with the Earth. They indicate in which ways you are practical, skilled, also slowed.

They show how and where you ground yourself. In synastry, they show how and where others ground you. Asteroid Destinn is just what it sounds like — Destiny. Destinn attracts grand meetings on par with what it contacts in your natal. Destinn conjunct Mars: fated men, actions, aggression, power, competition In synastry it indicates someone is your catalyst via that contact planet eg. Nut is the card I drew. Nut is energy contained in matter — the energy of Nu with directional force in order to become manifest.

Two sides of the ONE. Be humble for you are made of earth — be noble for you are made of stars. Serbian Proverb Egyptians said the gods deny the requests of those who do not realize they are gods themselves. NU and NUT represent the undines, associated in tarot with Cups: emotions, intuition, dreams and inspiration.